lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Mentuhotep II

Cross-section of Mentuhotep II mortuary temple by E. Naville
Reconstruction of Mentuhotep II's mortuary temple by Édouard Naville. The presence of a pyramid is debated.

Corridor leading to Mentuhotep II's tomb
 Edouard Naville (1844-1926) - Edouard Naville, The XIth Dynasty Temple at Deir el-Bahari, Part 2, Pl. VII b

Outer coffin of Nes-paut-tawy

Outer coffin of Nes-paut-tawy
This outer coffin belongs to a coffin set consisting of a mummy board, an inner and an outer coffin (ÄOS 6261-3), which were found in the Deir el-Bahari cachette. The wood is covered with linen and smoothed on the outside with plaster. Parts of the figures and the sun discs have been modelled in plaster. The paintwork is in the style of the 21st Dynasty and is varnished. The wab-priest Nes-paut-tawy is holding an Isis-knot and a djed-pillar in his hands. Some of the plaster on the wig, the body and the feet has flaked off. This priest was also the owner of a papyrus and some shabtis.


cofin for a snake

Coffin for a snake. A snake, coiled in a figure of eight, is sitting on a rectangular box, which has a suspension loop on the front at the right and another on the back at the left.KUNSTHISTORISCHES MUSEUM


Gebel Barkal

Templo de Amon en Gebel Barkal