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The New Kingdom pharaoh depicted on this limestone fragment bears the finesse of a master's hand. The two arms, however, are rendered more crudely. It is likely that a master used this ostracon to teach his student, and the work of both individuals can be seen on the piece. Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.

The Heracles Papyrus

 The Heracles Papyrus  (Oxford, Sackler Library, Oxyrhynchus Pap. 2331), a fragment of 3rd century Greek manuscript of a poem about the Labors of Heracles

martes, 25 de marzo de 2014


Heart shaped amulet from the tomb of Psusennes I. The incribed scene depicts the deified forms of the sun at its height, at its setting and at dawn, respectively Re, Atum, and Kheperi, with a cartouche bearing the king's name and calling for their protection. Country of Origin: Egypt. Culture: Pharaonic, 3rd Intermediate period. Date/Period: 21st Dynasty, 1039 - 991 BC. Place of Origin: Tanis. Material Size: Lapis lazuli, gold h = 4.7 cm. Credit Line: Werner Forman Archive/ Egyptian Museum, Cairo . Location: 37.

Amulet in the form of the Ba bird. Country of Origin: Egypt. Culture: Ancient Egyptian. Date/Period: 18th dynasty c.1550-1295 BC. Credit Line: Werner Forman Archive/ . Location: 37.

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