viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016

Mummy shroud

Mummy shroud

The jackal-headed Anubis, acting as a mortuary priest, holds the mummy (identified with Osiris) in front of the steep pyramid of the tomb. Behind him are two mourning women on their knees, Isis and Nephthys. In front of and behind the scene is a row of deities facing left. Deities with the heads of a baboon, a jackal, or a lioness alternate with human-headed ones. Many carry emblems on their heads such as a solar disk, a scarab, or an udjat-eye. At the far right is Nephthys in a mourning posture; she was probably once complemented by a mourning Isis on the far left who is now lost. Possibly, on the left some of the deities from the row are also lost.





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