miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2016

Younger Lady

Younger Lady Mummy" found in tomb KV35. This image clearly displays the damage thought to be done by ancient tomb robbers (right arm torn from body, chest caved in) and what is now thought to have been a lethal injury to the left cheek/jaw. Image derived from Grafton Elliot Smith's "The Royal Mummies" (Plate XCIX), which was first published in 1912. The author died in 1937 so the book/image is in the public domain. Recent genetic tests have conclusively demonstrated that this individual was the mother of Tutankhaum. The JAMA eSupplement from Feb. 17, 2010 concludes that "The statistical analysis revealed that the mummy KV55 is most probably the father of Tutankhamun (probability of 99.99999981%), and KV35 Younger Lady could be identified as his mother (99.99999997%)." (eSupplement, p.3).

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