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Anthropomorphic canopic stopper

Anthropomorphic canopic stopper
The canopic jars were used from the Old Kingdom onwards to preserve the internal organs which were removed from the body of the deceased. This vase stopper, which dates from the Middle Kingdom, represents the face of the deceased. The eyes are accentuated by the black make-up lines: this refers to the symbolism of the hieroglyphic and protective character of the made-up eye signifying "being intact". The example is distinguished by a blue wig and a brownish coloured face.
Inventory number E.4353
(M. Werbrouck,) Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Bruxelles. Département égyptien, Album, Bruxelles 1934, pl. 93
F. Lefebvre et B. Van Rinsveld, L'Égypte. Des Pharaons aux Coptes, Bruxelles 1990, 66, 71

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