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Relief fragment with Isis Lactans

Relief fragment with Isis Lactans
The fragment is roughly rectangular. Isis is seated, suckling the infant Horus (Harpocrates). She wears a collar and a long wig, with the vulture head dress. A row of uraei supports the cow's horns with sun disk. She is dressed in a long garment and wears a necklace. Harpocrates with the juvenile sidelock is naked except for a necklace. Isis faces right, supporting Harpocrates with her left hand and holding her breast towards him with her ri...ght hand.
The remaining hand of a missing person on the right hand side offers a Double Crown. Behind Isis, a papyrus column with a Hathor-capital, supporting an architrave on which is a winged sun disk with two uraei, is visible. One vertical line of text is incised above Harpocrates's head, partially on a column in raised relief, partially on the deeper background.

Inventory number APM 7766
Archaeological Site ALEXANDRIA ?
Category RELIEF
Material MARBLE
Height 31.5 cm
Width 21.5 cm
Depth 2.8 cm
Words, to be spoken by Isis the Great, the godsmother; Isis, the two lips, the cow, lady of abundance.
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