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Tomb relief of a woman

Tomb relief of a woman
The woman is seated holding a funerary wreath in her hands together with a fruit which may be a pomegranate. Her jewellery consists of serpent bracelets and a necklace with a medallion as a pendant. The folds of her upper and lower garments are rendered schematically. The curls of the wig are arranged in rows, and two braids appear from behind the ears and fall almost down to waist-level. The relief is very stylized which also affects the face with its oversized eyes and diminutive mouth.
Present location PELIZAEUS-MUSEUM [04/030] HILDESHEIM
Inventory number 5408
Archaeological Site EL-BAHNASA ?
Category STATUE
Height 82.5 cm
Width 36.5 cm
Depth 19 cm
Bibliography•Eggebrecht, A. (Hrsg.), Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim : Die ägyptische Sammlung, Hildesheim - Mainz 1993, Abb. 104.
•Ägypten : Schätze aus dem Wüstensand; Kunst und Kultur der Christen am Nil, Wiesbaden 1996, Kat.-Nr. 3.

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