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TT181, the tomb of Nebamon and Ipuky .

TT181, the tomb of Nebamon and Ipuky .
The couple Nebamon and Tepu
The right hand side of the register is dominated by the image of Nebamon (which is currently in the Louvre museum, see E32660) in the company of his mother Tepu, seated on chairs, with high backrests, which stand on thick reed mat. The representation is very rigid in its style, but technically it is perfect.
Nebamon, wearing the small goatee beard of the living, was magnificently dressed, with a long tunic covering his shoulders and reaching down... to his ankles. The broad necklace, as well as the bracelets seem very similar to those already described. His left hand tightly holds the fold of a piece of cloth, while his right hand grasps a large sekhem sceptre, which is a rather incongruous item here.
Next to him, and distinctly smaller, sits the lady Tepu (see the Mekhitarian image of 1955, on the right). The pleated top of her dress is of a bronze yellow and, according to the fashion of the time, one of the folds of the dress rests over her left elbow. The necklace and the bracelets (of both wrist and forearm) are made of colourful beads and some probably of gold. Her wig is decorated at the level of her temple with a small twisted stand of hair. Like Nebamon, she has an ointment cone on her head. Her left hand is placed on her son's shoulder (else it is raised in front of her face) and the right hand rests either on her knees or on his thigh in an enveloping protective gesture.
At her side, and a lot smaller, is seated "Her daughter, her beloved, Mutneferet"; thus she represents a girl of Tepu, and therefore a sister of Nebamon. The location of the lower missing fragment is still unknown.
The text above the seated couple is spoken by (and for) Nebamon: "Sitting down, to make merry during a pleasant day in his house of the west, in the divine pavilion of Hathor, mistress of the necropolis. That she may grant you exit to come on to the land, into the open courtyard of the tomb, so that you can see the sun at its rising and listen to the noise of livestock which moo. For the Ka of the superintendant of the scuptors of the Lord of the Two Lands, controller of the mysteries (or secrets) in the temple of Heri-her-meru, Nebamon, justified (and) his mother, the mistress of the house, Tepu.". Nebamon was therefore already dead, but not his mother, no more than his sister Henutneferet
TT181, the tomb of Nebamon and Ipuky .

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