martes, 12 de enero de 2016


A faience amulet of the jackal-headed god Duamutef, one of the four Sons of Horus. The face, wig and collar are finely detailed, the god is depicted as mummiform up to the shoulders and facing to the left. There are two perforations in the amulet, which would probably have been placed or sewn among the bandages of the deceased, ensuring protection of the body. The figure is holding a large piece of material before him, possibly representative of mummy wrappings.
Present location LIVERPOOL MUSEUM [03/061] LIVERPOOL
Inventory number M11790
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Category AMULET
Material FAIENCE
Technique FAYENCE
Bibliography•Piotr Bienkowski and Angela Tooley., Gifts of The Nile: Ancient Egyptian Arts and Crafts in Liverpool Museum., 1995., 78; pl.122.

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