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Stela of King Amenhotep II

Stela of King Amenhotep II
This formidable monument was erected by Amenhotep II after his return from his first Syrian war. Another stela with the same text was erected at Amada. The elongated rectangular stela with a rounded top is broken into numerous parts which have been divided between the Egyptian collections of Vienna and Cairo. The top of the stela is framed by a winged disk. Beneath it are two scenes showing the king facing the gods, divided by a central column of inscription. Hieroglyphic legends are inscribed over the two scenes. To the right the king is being led by the goddess of the cataract, Anuqet, to the state god Amun, while to the left he venerates Khnum, the Lord of Elephantine. Two-thirds of the stela's surface is covered by a long inscription in horizontal lines. This text extols the king's warlike virtues, continuing with a list of his pious donations and architectural restorations to the temples. The images have been carved in low relief, whereas the signs of the inscriptions are deepened. On the right lateral side is another scene in relief.
Inventory number 5909
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Category STELA
Material SLATE
Technique LOW RELIEF
Height 152.3 cm
Width 116 cm
Depth 35 cm
Main text:
(In year 3, in the third month of Shemu, day) 14 under the majesty (of Horus Strong bull, great in might, of the Two) Ladies (Rich in power), who appears in Thebes, Golden Horus, who conquers in every land with his might, the King of Upper Egpyt and Lower Egypt (Aa-kheperu-re, the bodily son of Re), whom he loves, the lord of all foreign countries, a ruler who has emerged out of (the maternal body, being already powerful), image of Horus on the throne of his father; one who is great in strength, who has no equal and for whom one cannot find a second; he is a king (with a very mighty arm), there is none who can draw (his bow, neither among his soldiers nor among the rulers of the foreign countries), the monarchs of Syria, because his strength is so much greater than that of any previous king; raging like a panther who enters the battlefield, around whom a battle (can)not be held; (a brave archer in the melee), a wall protecting Egypt, persistent in the battlefield from the moment he enters it; who smites those who rebel against him; one who dominates instantly over all foreign countries, with men and horses, (when they come) as millions of men, without acknowledging that Amun-Re is on his side. Immediately he is seen rushing to the front with glory covering all of his body; who resembles Min in the (year) of Anxiety, when there is none (who can save himself from him, when he makes) offering prisoners (?) among his enemies and likewise among the Nine Bows. One to whom all countries and all rebellious foreign nations have become servants; a king who is praised as much as his arms are in battle. (There is no foreign country which can shield itself) against him, because they live from his breath.
King of kings, ruler of rulers, who eliminates the borders of those who attack him. The uniquely brave one, whose power is praised even (recognized by Re in heaven. He withstands) on the day of the melee. There is no limit to what he has done to all foreign nations and against every land, after they had fallen because of his fiery serpent, (as if they had been consumed. There is none who escapes) the massacre, even as the enemies of Bastet, on the path of the one fashioned by Amun. Successful beyond measure, because he knows (that he is his) true (son), who has come forth from (his body, alone with him, in order to) rule over what the sun encircles. All countries and foreign countries which he has come to know he conquers instantly with might and strength. He is a king who prefers works over all...
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