sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2015

mummy mask

A mummy mask made from cartonnage. Across the top of the head is a vulture with outstretched wings above a very small human face which is gilded. Two long lines of decoration hang down from the ears, meeting the outstretched wings of the scarab drawn across the breast. The wig/headdress is detailed and painted with red, green, yellow and black. The colours are still very vivid.
Inside the mask are the painted figures of Isis and Nephthys. The inscription reads from right to l...eft across the breast in 9 vertical columns (see Text Comment in Advanced Mode/Textual Data).
FORMULA Htp-di-nsw.t
Htp dj nsw Wsjr xnty Jmntyw nTr aA nb AbDw dj=f prt-xrwt Hnqt kAw Apdw sS mnxt snTr mrHt xt-nbt nfr(t) wAbt n anx(t) nTr jm sn n kA n.............

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