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The mummy and coffin of Nes-shu-tefnut, found in situ by Professor John Garstang during his excavations at Nag' el-Hasaya, presented to the museum in 1905.
The mummy of Nes-shu-tefnut, prophet of Khons, prophet of Horus, the son of Iyhor and Teni was found in situ at his tomb at Nag' el-Hasaya, along with his funerary equipment. The person was aged between approximately 15-17 years old at death and seems to have been in a state of decomposition when the embalmers started thei...r task. The body appears badly discoloured and fragmented.
According to the X-rays resinous matter is present in the body cavities, the majority of ribs having been detached. The arms lay across the chest, a ring clearly visible on the left hand. The hips show evidence of post-mortem fracture, the femora have been pulled down about 5 inches on both sides, the femoral heads remaining in their sockets. The feet have both been disarticulated at the ankle and placed one on top of the other with heels facing left. For some reason the embalmers have lengthened the body by breaking the hips and pulling the legs down, and then shortened it again by removing and re-positioning the feet.
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