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Statue of Nykara and his Family

Statue of Nykara and his Family
This family statue depicts Nykara, who was a scribe of the granary, seated between the standing figures of his son, Ankhmara, and his wife, Khuen-nub. Beneath the central part of Khuen-nub's short wig, her natural hair is indicated by horizontal lines and a row of stylized curls. The boy's nakedness, sidelock of hair, and finger-to-mouth gesture indicate that he is very young, but he is depicted as the same height as his mother. And, if Nykara were shown standing, he would tower over his two companions. Although Old Kingdom group statues often show the man on a larger scale, this particular composition seems also to reflect the sculptor's desire to show all three heads in a row.
MEDIUM Limestone, painted
•Possible place collected: Saqqara, Egypt
DATES ca. 2455-2350 B.C.E.
DYNASTY late V Dynasty
PERIOD Old Kingdom
DIMENSIONS 22 5/8 x 14 1/2 x 10 7/8 in. (57.5 x 36.8 x 27.7 cm) (show scale)
COLLECTIONS Egyptian, Classical, Ancient Near Eastern Art
MUSEUM LOCATION This item is on view in Egypt Reborn: Art for Eternity, Old Kingdom to 18th Dynasty, Egyptian Galleries, 3rd Floor
EXHIBITIONS •Egypt Reborn: Art for Eternity (On view since April 12, 2003)
CREDIT LINE Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund
Brooklym Museum
CAPTION Statue of Nykara and his Family, ca. 2455-2350 B.C.E. Limestone, painted, 22 5/8 x 14 1/2 x 10 7/8 in. (57.5 x 36.8 x 27.7 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 49.215. Creative Commons-BY
IMAGE overall, 49.215_SL1.jpg. Brooklyn Museum photograph
CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION Painted limestone triad. In center, seated, the [crossed out: overseer] inspector of the scribes of the granary, Ni-ka-re; at his left, standing, his wife, the royal relative, Ni-ka.w-nb (.w); on opposite side standing figure of (his son), the scribe of the granary, Ankh-ma-re, naked, with right hand to mouth. Plinth at rear running up to center of heads. Inscribed (copy in vertical file) single column on each side of seat and two lines on base in front of each standing figure. Condition: Poor. All heads broken from bodies. Head of central figure damaged; other two heads more or less damaged. Front part of base broken in several pieces. Minor chips. Considerable loss of color.

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