lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Relief from tomb of Djehutyhotep II

Relief from tomb of Djehutyhotep II
Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reigns of Senwosret II and III
1844–1818 B.C.
Wall fragment from the east wall of the main chamber. It is carved in low relief and then painted. The scene shows two male attendants of the deceased bringing up the rear of a procession of dignitaries. The officials, wearing shoulder-length wigs and short kilts, clasp their left hands to their right shoulders in a gesture of respect. Most of the paint remains.
From Deir el-Bersha, tomb 2 (Djehutyhotep II), south wall, bottom register, west end. Excavated by the Harvard University-Museum of Fine Arts Expedition; 1947: assigned to the MFA by the government of Egypt. Brought from Harvard Camp in 1947. Harvard University - Museum of Fine Arts Expedition. 1915. (Accession Date: January 1, 1915)

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