viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Naos of Nakht-Amun

Naos of Nakht-Amun
The text on this naos consists of prayers and praises to the sun god Re at sunrise (to the left), and at sunset (to the right). The owner Nakht-Amun is described as "the first born king's son" and "the priest at the front."
The figure of Nakht-Amun is without legs as if he were kneeling inside the naos. His hands are raised in worship. He is wearing a long kilt with a frontal flap that is fastened with a belt; his head is covered with a very elaborate wig, arranged in thin long braids reaching the eyebrows, which are rendered in high relief. The ears are free and the oval face is finely modeled; the mouth is small but fleshy, and there is a short false beard attached to his chin. Nakht-Amun wears a broad collar of polychrome faience.
The vertical column of inscription at the front of the kilt gives the title and name of the deceased. The figure still retains most of its colors.

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