viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Statue of Merenptah Holding Two Standards

Statue of Merenptah Holding Two Standards
This statue depicts King Merenptah standing with his left leg forward. He is wearing a long wig with vertical stripes reaching his shoulders and a kilt with a long belt decorated with a line of cobras surmounted by sun disks. The name of the king is written within a cartouche inscribed on his kilt and preceded by a lion's head.
The king is holding two standards in the same height as he is. The standards symbolize divine emblems and are decorated with numerous hieroglyphic signs. The left standard has lost its upper part, and the right one is broken.
Between the statue and the dorsal column, which stabilizes the statue, is engraved a low-relief of a young prince represented with the child lock, and holding a fan. This prince is one of the sons of the king, probably his heir, and has the title "The Fan Bearer."

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