jueves, 16 de junio de 2016

TOMB N°4, North Group. Amarna

At bottom right is one of the most beautiful scenes of all tombs of Amarna.
It represents a group of eight seated men. The first plays a harp, the seven others are obviously chanters, all are blind as is the tradition (and it is known that with the frequency of ocular diseases, blind people were not discarded in the country). They begin with the "harpist's song" which will so often be represented from this second half of New Kingdom, songs which convey a pessimistic idea of existence and a future in the beyond.
What is striking here, is the extraordinary human dimension and realism of the faces produced by the artist : old, with marked features, with wrinkles. It could be that he was inspired by the true protagonism of those who worked in the temple.

In a general manner, in this tomb (as in other Amarnian tombs), the features of the characters are often a lot more detailed than in tombs of previous times, with even the more grotesque striking features accentuation.

TOMB N°4, North Group. Amarna

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